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How to measure replacement windows in Walnut Creek.

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The question of how to measure replacement windows can be answered in a few ways. This is because there are a variety of window types available and also the different types of houses. Below we will go over some basic information that will help you measure your windows properly.

Measuring replacement windows before installation begins is very important to the whole project. This comes first before you purchase and before thinking about removing the old windows. I can't stress enough how important getting the right measurement can be so we can avoid any major problems later on.

As an example, if you order vinyl windows most likely they will be custom made and cannot be returned if they don't fit.

One fundamental when measuring or purchasing windows is they come in 1/4" increments. This is important especially for vinyl windows because you may not find the exact fit you are looking for so you will need to pick the size that comes as close to your dimensions as possible. It is import and to have the right skill set to install and seal the windows properly and should be left to professionals like Window Replacement Pros.

Measuring windows in three easy steps

Let's get started measuring your windows using these simple steps below.

  • In order to measure the width you must raise the lower sash and then measure from jamb to jamb. Do the measurements in 3 places for example start in the middle, near the top and then down close to the bottom.
  • Now for the height, a simple measurement from the head jamb up to the sloped sill. This is just the part where it meets the inside of the window stool.
  • Be carefully not to make the mistake of assuming that all of your windows are the same. Measure each window individually and keep the values separate..