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Vinyl Windows - Affordable Replacement Windows

You're choosing affordable vinyl windows to replace your drafty old ones, or to brighten up a room you're remodeling in your home. You're making a choice you'll have to live with for a long time. Yet, there are more than 600 brands on the market. How do you know you're choosing the right one?

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Choosing the right replacement vinyl windows for your home

How to choose the right replacement vinyl windows for your home. We sell affordable replacement vinyl windows.

What's Out There Now Basically, there are two window types: Vinyl replacement windows and clad wood. Vinyl — with features like low maintenance, easy tilt-in cleaning and thermal efficiency is leading the market and still growing. Wood windows clad with vinyl or aluminum are an attempt to "update" wood windows to deliver the same benefits as basic vinyl windows. Manufacturers have added plastic inserts and other mechanisms so sashes tilt in for cleaning. Vinyl windows were designed to do this from the onset.

Vinyl Windows Save Money

As in any category of windows, some vinyl windows are better than others. In fact, the differences between the ordinary and the best can be striking. Ordinary vinyl windows have been designed to deliver the basic benefits of vinyl at the lowest possible cost. These windows may provide the satisfaction of a low price, but that satisfaction never lasts. You need to look for vinyl windows that have been designed for value — to deliver the basic benefits of vinyl, plus unique advantages that save you money, time and worry — for a lifetime.

How To Tell The Best Vinyl Windows From the Ordinary.

There are four basic categories in which vinyl windows should be evaluated:

Durability characteristics
Ordinary vinyl windows may have sashes fastened with screws or other mechanical devices that can let in air and water leaks. The best vinyl windows like the ones we offer in Walnut Creek offer fusion- welded sashes that are air and water tight. Ordinary windows have spiral or block-and-tackle balances based on simple springs that can stretch out of shape the more you use them; they often become worn or need adjusting and can make simply opening or closing a window a chore. Instead, look for windows that have a balance system based on a 3/4-inch-wide stainless-steel coil that applies a constant force; they open and close easily and consistently. Window Replacement Pro's offer replacement windows that offer this kind of balance system.

A major advantage of vinyl windows is tilt-in cleaning, which can be achieved in several different ways. Vinyl clad wood replacement windows usually have "tension jamb" tilt mechanisms that require simultaneous pushing and pulling and haven't been tested for decades of cleaning from inside the home. In addition, unlike ordinary windows, vinyl replacement windows resist air and water infiltration better than 100 percent of AAMA standards.

Thermal performance
Ordinary glass in ordinary windows offers small advantages in maintaining indoor heat in winter and keeping out summer heat. Ordinary Low "E" glass helps keep heat in during cold weather, but doesn't help much in the summer. However, high-performance energy efficient windows with Low "E" glass helps save energy in the summer and winter. Window Replacement pro's offer windows with the most balanced system available. It blocks infrared radiation from the sun — up to 49 percent — that can add heat to a room and drive up cooling costs. During the heating season, it reduces heat loss by reflecting room side heat back into the room.

Appearance and styling
Many ordinary vinyl windows are chunky-looking with obtrusive hardware. A sleek appearance with a clear view and attention to details is what you want. Color-matched hardware, concealed tilt latches and a slim profile all contribute to giving the best vinyl windows a traditional look. Window Replacement Pro's also offers the optional feature of removable grids; they give their windows the traditional appearance of true divided lights. The best windows also will offer custom sizes and a wide of styles.

Reputation and support
Vinyl windows were invented in 1979 — with more than 600 companies getting into the business since then. You can't always be assured of a company's ability to back its products with service and a good warranty — or even that the company will still be there next year. When selecting vinyl windows, the safest avenue to take is to go with local established company like Window replacement pro's. We are a pioneer in the installation of vinyl windows, We have a network of locations for selection and service. Our windows also are backed by the strongest warranty in the industry. lifetime limited protection against manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home.